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Entertainment Industry Question 31: I live in a small town and want to move to LA. What should I do?

Jessica’s Answer:

Here's the advice I've given to people who have successfully made the move to Los Angeles:

1. Save enough money to survive for a year with no work/or be willing to get a survival job

2. Create relationships with people who live in LA, before moving out here

3. Have a strategy plan that includes the kind of work you want and how you plan to generate it

4. Research the "business side of the business" so you aren't shocked when you're not "discovered" within 30 days (or 30 months)

5. Choose a support team of friends & family, so during times of doubt, they can boost you back up

Because there are so many people who are interested in moving to LA, I did a Stage 32 Webinar on the topic which you can get OnDemand called

How to Move to LA and Work in Entertainment

Your Pre-Move Strategy and Arrival Plan

Check it out HERE

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