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Entertainment Industry Question 40: Should you “settle” for work that may not be exactly what you want to pursue?

Jessica’s Answer:

Never settle- Always strategize!

If you are going to take a job that is not ideal, strategically it should fall into one of the following categories: 1. It pays a tremendous amount of money (or the money that you need to survive)

2. There are new people you can meet, who can potentially hire/refer you to jobs you want, and/or people you want to meet

3. There are new "toys to play with" aka an opportunity to learn new equipment or sharpen your skills

4. There's an opportunity to get a piece of footage that is necessary for or missing from your reel

When a job is offered to you that is not "what you want", consider the possibilities of how you can use your business skills to turn it into an opportunity that will lead to jobs you DO want.  

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