Can Pictures Help You Get Work?

In A Lot Like Love, Amanda Peet’s character is a photographer.  She is also very clear and strict on “rules in relationships” as Ashton Kutcher found out.  Rules are a good thing when they take you in the right direction.  When it came to today’s Reel Answer Question about Instagram, I didn’t know the “rules” so I learned them, have been practicing them and here are a few tips that may help you decide if a picture is worth a thousand words for your business…


1.     Instagram is great if you are in a visual market (if you own a store, sell a product, show your photography)

2.     Instagram is great if you already have brand recognition (because it helps people to see the personal side of you or your company)

3.     Instagram is growing (best to set up an account so you have your name or brand’s name, and start posting. You can easily post to FB & Twitter, so you can hit all 3).

Instagram has a different audience, like each social media outlet, so based on the outcome you desire, decide how much time you should spend on it for what you do.

Now I want to hear from you Do you use Instagram? If so, what kind of results can you measure for your business? And tell us what you do… Share it in the comments below.  Have a reel question you want answer answered? Put it in the comments below And remember, you are a piece of the puzzle that makes entertainment.. and entertainment moves the world.. so the world needs you