Paul Lange“Jessica is top-notch business coach. Her approach is simple, common sense and downright effective. It works! People won’t hire you until they ‘know you, like you and trust you’. I learned this from her right out of the gates! Building relationships through seeking mentors is one of the quickest ways to obtain that trust.  Jessica is the best in the business to teach you this skill. I am very grateful for her work!“



Michele ShortI have been working with Jessica Sitomer as a member of the Greenlight Mentor Elite program for one year.  Implementing the the tools I’ve learned from Jessica to successfully build relationships and navigate the business aspects of the industry, in one single year I have exceeded every goal I set at a faster rate than I could have ever imagined.   When I started working with Jessica through the Elite program in July 2012, I had recently relocated to a new city and was a newly-minted member of ICG Local 600.  Prior to the move, I had been concurrently working in an additional non-camera classification to make ends meet.  But my singular goal was to sever that safety net once-and-for-all and devote myself exclusively, in a new city no less, to working in the camera department, where my true passion lies.  It was a scary leap but I took it!    I had worked on one feature film in my new city prior to working with Jessica.  But within one month of embracing the program, and obtaining an initial 20 mentors, I began to get steady work and it hasn’t stopped since.  As of July 2013, I have worked full-time (meaning not as a day player) on no less than six feature films and an acclaimed new network television series.  Additionally, most of these projects have featured incredible A-list actors and above-the-line talent.  Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled and it’s with the deepest gratitude that I report these successes.  All of this is due to working this program diligently and maintaining faith and commitment that it WILL happen if you take care of business and nourish relationships.  Especially inspiring for me is listening to the monthly Mentor Interviews Jessica does with all manner of successful industry professionals.  They are successful for a reason and if you listen closely, you will learn exactly what you need to do to be successful yourself.  Also helpful is participating in the live monthly coaching calls, where you have access to Jessica and laser coaching on whatever issue you are in need of help with.  As such, regardless of the continuing successes I am experiencing, I have no plans to leave the Elites.  Now more than ever is the time to keep working with the amazing tools I’ve learned and continue to learn and be inspired to reach for even higher goals.

MICHELE K SHORT  Unit Still Photographer // New Orleans, LA

Micahel Franks

Michael FranksIt has been almost 3 years since I started working with Jessica Sitomer, and started a program with her coaching. When I’m in my day- to-day life and working it’s difficult sometimes to see what’s working and what’s not working. In other words, why am I getting certain results and not getting others that I want. For as long as I could remember I had been doing the same things when it came to seeking work, and creating new work opportunities. My results were usually the pretty much the same. I found that cold calls and sending resumes out never really gleaned any new work. Also, I had never learned any new skills to be effective at getting from where I was to where I wanted to be. I knew more was possible but I was frustrated, and was looking for a way to move forward. Jessica Sitomer’s coaching has enabled me to discover things that I couldn’t see were holding me back. She helped me develop new habits and practices that supported me in getting the work I wanted. I have become more effective, i.e. less effort with better results. I have learned ways to create stronger relationships with old and new people who can hire me, and as a result, strengthened my partnerships with colleagues in the industry. Jessica’s coaching skills as well as her specific knowledge of the entertainment industry is what makes working with her so great- so on target. I really can’t say enough great things about her and the work she does. If I knew how to do what I learned from her before, I would have been doing it! No one else, that I know of, teaches you this stuff as you’re moving up in your career in this industry. You either get lucky, figure it out on your own, or you accept the way your career is going. I have become more focused and clearer about where I’m headed both professionally and personally, and have learned how to steer my career. Jessica has helped me appreciate the successes more, enjoy the challenges as well as the journey more, by seeing the work as a process not a destination. Since starting with Jessica director of photography credits include: Hannah Montana, Suite Life (various episodes), Raven (various episodes), Cake (full season), Dance Revolution (full season) other new ground taken: 2 short features, 2 single camera comedy projects/pilot.

-Michael Franks, director of photography
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Ed Gutentag

Ed GutentagCoaching with Jessica, I have created relationships with people that I had only dreamed of. I have some amazing relationships today because of the work she showed me. I have more confidence. I have been hired on: The Next Action Star reality show and the movie that followed, I worked with an A-List DP because of a relationship I created, and many more too numerous to count. Even my passive income went to well over 6 figures. Avail yourself to seeing Jessica and what she can offer to you to make you change, move, or create something new in your life whether that is more work in your category or doing something entirely different!


-Ed Gutentag DP, camera operator


Job interviews can be stressful situations. But, when you walk into the interview with confidence, prepared with what you want to say about yourself, honest and equipped with the tools to put your best foot forward – that’s when interviews become a comfortable exchange of information and an exploration of what could prove to be a wonderful new career opportunity. And, that’s a very big difference that can dictate whether or not you land the job. When you need work, job hunting is a full-time occupation. Jessica Sitomer offers people the chance to do the job of finding a job very efficiently and effectively, resulting in maximizing the experience. No questions come from out of left field when you have fully prepped yourself to be interviewed. And, you get on record with all the information you want to leave behind with a potential employer. Planning a career is like planning a sales campaign. Jessica provides insight into your goals, strategies, and most importantly, a way to get beyond your fears and insecurities and get more in touch with your core desires and values. Honesty and a calm demeanor win the day. The road to those goals will take you to Jessica Sitomer’s door.

-Sue, television development executive


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Brian Pitts

When I decided to re-rate from first assistant to operator five years ago, I didn’t even know that career coaching or Jessica Sitomer existed. That was a bit of a miracle right there; just that someone somewhere was available and willing to make a priority of me forging my way down this new path. As a direct or indirect result of the program I’ve done work on CSI: NY, several television pilots, Madmen, and quite a few movies and television shows. Most recently I’ve just completed a season of CANE for CBS starring Jimmy Smits. I can’t say enough about Jessica’s coaching program. It’s one of the best things I’ve had happen to me professionally. When I started working with Jessica I was working a couple of days a month….maybe. And then it was several days a month. And a couple of years later I was working every day, which is pretty fortunate I think. Before I started the career coaching program I was sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. After working with Jessica, I was doing what other successful cameramen in Hollywood have always been doing: developing relationships. It was also great to work with other coaching program participants in a group setting and to know that I wasn’t alone in being at a crossroads in my career.

-Brian Pitts, camera operator
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Bonnie Blake

Meeting with Jessica helped me to gain a new perspective on the whole entertainment business and to learn how to have more control over options for employment. She emphasized creating possibilities through meeting many, many people and developing relationships with them. Her methods of tracking what actions I took whether it was phone calls, meetings, or interviews were valuable tools in assessing my progress and feeling more in control of accomplishing my goals. Sometimes it was a simple as defining my short range and long range goals. After deciding I wanted to get work as a camera operator on a TV pilot several years ago, she helped me outline what actions I should take. As a result of that organized effort, I worked as an additional camera operator on the pilot of “Boomtown” and was the A camera operator on “What Leonard Comes Home to”. Because of her experience with so many camera people at Local 600 and her own work as an actress, writer, director, and producer Jessica always had pertinent information about upcoming projects. She also helped me figure out how to better balance my needs for personal creative projects while working as a camera operator on shows like “Monk” and “Malcolm in the Middle”.

-Bonnie Blake, camera operator
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Dan Coplan

Jessica Sitomer’s career coaching program has been extremely helpful in the advancement of my career as a camera/Steadicam operator. The motion picture industry is highly competitive and it’s often not enough to just put yourself out there. Jessica has given me an array of “tools” to help me achieve my goals including specific assignments, ways of thinking, and successfully interacting with people, encouragement, feedback, etc. – many things that did not occur to me or I would have thought to do on my own. As a direct result of my one-on-one as well as group meetings with Jessica, I’ve greatly expanded my network with people who are at the highest levels of their craft. This has resulted in personal relationships, more career guidance, and actual work as people who I have met have referred me to jobs, which would otherwise be out of my reach. There’s no question I’m much farther along in my career with Jessica’s help than without. Even when I’m busy, I maintain communication with her as I feel that her guidance continues to benefit me through the good as well as the slow times.

-Dan Coplan, camera operator/Steadicam

Jennifer Keyes

Working with you has been a great experience for me personally and professionally. I’ve booked jobs in television, film, print, and commercials. I’ve been out in LA for many years and have had many successes, but I really feel like working with you as my career coach changed the way I approach the business as a whole. It changed my way of thinking first and foremost, which is one of the reasons that this year has been one of my most successful years ever. I learned through your coaching, that I can be in control of my own career. I’ve always been a hard worker, but I wasn’t nearly as aggressive as I could be. Also,…you made me realize that a “no” is just a “no”. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s so rewarding to actually put yourself out there and take a chance. Although I only worked with you for a few months,…the tools that you gave me, I will use for the rest of my life. Along with learning that “no” is not as scary as I thought, I learned to think more outside the box,… to visualize my dreams. These aren’t new tools to most people, but you taught me how to be extremely specific with my visualizations, so that they really feel completely possible to achieve. Everyone has hopes and dreams, but I actually feel like anything’s possible if you work “smart”. Also, I think one of the most beneficial tools that I learned from you is to start with a contact sheet. It’s amazing how close you can get to who and what you want, when you see on paper who you already know! This year I’ve booked 4 co stars, 2 national commercials, 3 print jobs, and 4 dance jobs. I’ve probably been on avail for about 8 other commercials this year as well. I would say that because of your coaching, I have made brave leaps of faith. Thank you again for all you’ve taught me, your inspiration, and your guidance. I look forward to being able to work with you again soon.

-Jennifer Keyes, actor, dancer, singer
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Peter Hawkins

Working with Jessica Sitomer has had an enormous beneficial effect on my career. I have learned core techniques and measures that allow me to present my skills and myself in a way I have never been able to. My number of industry relationships has grown more in the last two years than at any other time in my career over twenty years. Every job I’ve had since working with Jessica has benefited due to a more professional presentation and confidence in myself. As an example, I have been hired on two feature films simply on telephone interviews, “Around June” and “Never Submit.” All of us face a myriad of difficult decisions concerning our work and careers. With a developed career plan, these decisions are clearer and far less stressful. I find opportunities in unexpected places and am often able to turn around what would once be viewed as rejection into positive opportunities.

-Peter Hawkins, director of photography
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Heather Tyson

Thank you again for the awesome seminar yesterday. I felt like you were talking RIGHT TO ME. In fact, I almost ALWAYS feel like you are talking RIGHT TO ME. Is it just that all of these things are so universal for those of us trying to make a living in this creative, crazy field! Anyway, a lot of things that you said yesterday and then the things that came up for me were things I needed to hear, feel or look at. So, thank you. This work is necessary… hard, at times, but necessary. I am trying to remember that it is ALL for the larger picture, and that I have a whole lifetime to keep growing, learning, and making my WHOLE life better and more inspired.

-Heather Tyson, actress
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I found the career coaching by Jessica Sitomer to be transformative. If someone had told me that Jessica could help me overcome my insecurity about contacting strangers when looking for work I would have signed up. If someone had told me that Jessica could help me change my failing habits and find new and better ways to network and look for work, I would have signed up. If someone had told me that Jessica could help me focus my energy in production ways, and turn my back on non-productive ways, I would have signed up. No one told me any of these things, but she was there, and accessible and I was looking to make a change, so I focused my energy to doing the work at hand. I got results, because I put in the effort. Since working with Jessica, I have shot a number of films and commercials. I was able to present a more confident and professional image of myself and. I found an agent, then after two years, found another. This past year, I shot three features – in addition to many smaller projects. Through our work together, I gained confidence in presenting myself, and I rediscovered the value of persistence.

-Chris, director of photography

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"I am very grateful for all of your suggestions. I did nearly everything you said and about one year later, I am working 2nd unit on a Jim Carrey film. You have practical and useful advice and really have an insightful understanding of this business. Thank you very much for everything, you have helped me a great deal in getting my career going."

-Beth, still photographer

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"Jessica Sitomer's book reminds me of the old adage: 'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime.' There is no shortage of books on bookshelves in bookstores offering up the Hollywood hopeful a fish (or in most cases, something fishy). Sitomer provides a strategy on how to create a career so you will work (and eat!) for a lifetime."
-Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer, Arrow, Writer, Boston Legal, The Simpsons

"Jessica with AND.ACTION! has created a productive and effective way of not only guiding the reader through a method of setting attainable goals but also providing for them an enjoyable process in the journey of self discovery."
-Ana Lucia Cottone, Television Programming Executive

"Thinking outside the box and nurturing relationships is the key to being a successful actor. Jessica Sitomer's AND.ACTION! will teach you how to do this. The same career building tools she shares here will also help you balance your life when you get to wear many hats in this field. Run to get this book!"
-Diane Farr, Actress, Numb3rs, Author, The Girl Code