Why NOW is the time to think about getting an agent

Rick Peck is the agent we dream of. He fights for Tivo in your contract, gives advice on how to better your craft, and always ends a call with a positive affirmation. He’s the “agent fantasy” we dream of, where we are the top priority and the agent’s life revolves around making our career dreams come true.

And now is the time for you to find your “Rick Peck.” Why? There are cycles in the entertainment industry and typically, May is the month where agents clean house and meet with new talent.

The mistake most people make is…

they wait until May and then reach out to agents (who are strangers) and it’s basically a “cold call.” Usually, a mailing list is purchased and headshots/resumes/reels and a boring cover letter is mass mailed, with little or no follow up.

Time and money has been spent and usually there are no responses.

Step 3 in my Getting an Agent Homestudy Program is: collect referrals and recommendations.

It takes time to get referrals and recommendations, not to mention the rest of the steps that need to be taken BEFORE pursuing and agent, which is why you need to start now.

If you are serious about getting an agent, take this month to create your strategy so your pursuit will pay off with meetings and perhaps, getting the agent you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Create a plan for pursuing an agent

2. Take the actions needed to prepare for your agent reach out now

3. Act Fast and get my $97 Getting an Agent Homestudy Program for $20 (this week only) CLICK HERE

Rick Peck is all about his clients. Don’t you want a partnership like that? It sure beats taking the first anonymous agent who happens to see your random mailing, and later turns out to be a scam artist. Be smart and take action now!