Meeting with Jessica helped me to gain a new perspective on the whole entertainment business and to learn how to have more control over options for employment. She emphasized creating possibilities through meeting many, many people and developing relationships with them. Her methods of tracking what actions I took whether it was phone calls, meetings, or interviews were valuable tools in assessing my progress and feeling more in control of accomplishing my goals. Sometimes it was a simple as defining my short range and long range goals. After deciding I wanted to get work as a camera operator on a TV pilot several years ago, she helped me outline what actions I should take. As a result of that organized effort, I worked as an additional camera operator on the pilot of “Boomtown” and was the A camera operator on “What Leonard Comes Home to”. Because of her experience with so many camera people at Local 600 and her own work as an actress, writer, director, and producer Jessica always had pertinent information about upcoming projects. She also helped me figure out how to better balance my needs for personal creative projects while working as a camera operator on shows like “Monk” and “Malcolm in the Middle”.

-Bonnie Blake, camera operator
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