TERMS OF ENDEARMENT: Living Your Career Dreams Now!
By Jessica Sitomer

Mother and daughter, Aurora and Emma, don’t see eye to eye very often. Because the movie covers a time span of several years, we see how they constantly disagree over each other’s choices. The tumultuous relationship comes to an abrupt halt, when Emma is diagnosed with cancer. We see how quickly Aurora makes herself available and loving in order to do the very best for her daughter.

I can only describe it as fierce love- that feeling that overcomes you when you want to protect someone you love, when you want to take away the pain, and make everything better. And then come the regrets; the "could’ve done and the should’ve done." Why? Why does it take something earth shattering to wake us up?

You have a passion; a career path that you love, that you’re so lucky to know in your heart that it’s what you’re meant to do. And yet, over and over, you sabotage that career path because of irrational fears. A person gives you a business card and tells you to follow up. You lose the card or stick it in a drawer. Maybe you give some thought to the appropriate time for follow up and by the time you’re done negotiating with yourself, you feel the opportunity has passed.

How many more times are you going to let these irrational fears get in the way of having the career you desire? A rejection can’t physically hurt you. A "no" will not make or break your career. If you call a person when he or she is busy and get a curt response, your career is not over. You will go on to see another day and another opportunity.
I ask you:

1. What will it take for you to recognize that you must pursue your career each day like it’s the day that will change everything?

2. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

3. How would you pursue your career differently if you knew you had only a short finite amount of time to do it?

I know this isn’t my typical "upbeat" motivational article, but sometimes it’s important to look at the pain attached to missing out on something that could be so wonderful and asking: WHY am I allowing myself to settle for mediocrity? And asking: WHEN am I going to CHOOSE to stop sabotaging myself and pursue my career the way I know I MUST. I ask you to do the And Action! task and make that choice TODAY- because tomorrow may be too late.

And Action!

This may be a tough one, but I request that you challenge yourself.

1. Write non-stop for ten minutes starting with the sentence, "If I were diagnosed with a terminal illness today, what would I have done differently in pursuing my career? I would have "

It’s not a fun task, but it can be very revealing. The reason I’m asking you to do this, is so you recognize how precious your gifts and your time are. They are not to be wasted. Share them with the world NOW.

2. Write a short mission statement about why you’re committed to fulfilling your career desires now, and why you will be unstoppable.

3. Schedule 3 tasks you’ve been putting off because of fear.

Don’t wait for a tragedy to wake you up to what you’re missing. LIVE YOUR DREAMS NOW!

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