WHAT ABOUT BOB… Baby Stepping Through The Summer!
By Jessica Sitomer

Doctor Leo Marvin, is a New York City psychiatrist, promoting his book Baby Steps. When Bob Wiley, a recluse who is afraid to leave his house, is pawned off on Leo, Bob is encouraged by the simple acts of baby-stepping. "Baby-stepping to the door, baby-stepping through the hall, baby-stepping to the elevator."

Summer, in the entertainment industry, tends to slow everyone down. Most TV shows go on hiatus, executives go on vacations, and people spend weekends at the beach… and yet, there is still work to be done in the form of creating new relationships, re-establishing relationships, and planting the seeds for the next job when the industry picks up again.

So, here are some tips to "baby-step through your summer, in order to have the revitalizing time off you need, while maintaining your business.

1.Create a Target List of 20 shows you want to work on or people with whom you’d like to work. The goal here, is to be clear on what you want in the future not how you’re going to make it happen.

2.Make a commitment to call 1 person Monday through Friday to re-establish your relationship. No matter how busy you are, you can find 15 minutes, once a day to catch up with someone.

3.Go to 1 networking event before September and meet 5 new people.

4.Spend 1 hour a week, researching someone you want to meet/work with.

5.Read 1 book that pertains to the industry. It can be autobiographical, technical, or motivational. (Warning: if you choose to read my book, And…Action! you may be motivated to go beyond baby-steps.

Now go… be like Bob. Baby-step through your summer to maintain momentum.

And… Action!

1. Choose 3 baby steps you will take this summer

2. Schedule them in your calendar

3. Baby-step!
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