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Question 1: How to generate Union work without Union contacts

Question 2: What is the purpose of doing a set visit?

Question 3: What is the best way to make a cold call to get work?

Question 4: How do I turn a cold call into a warm call?

Question 5:How do I deal with discouragement and the feeling that I have to give up on my dream in tough economic times? (PART 1)

Question 6: How do I deal with discouragement and the feeling that I have to give up on my dream in tough economic times? (PART 2)

Question 7: How do I stay in contact without being a pest?

Question 8: What tools can I use to not bring work home with me?

Question 9: How do I know when it’s time to give up on my dream?

Question 10: What 3 things should you do when you go to a networking event?

Question 11: What is a realistic number to meet at a networking event?

Question 12: With so many commitments, how do I manage my time?

Question 13: What do you do when you’re calling people who talk about nothing but gloom and doom?

Question 14: How do I sharpen my negotiating skills? (ex: day rate)

Question 15: How can you get yourself known on the web, without seeming annoying or cheesy?

Question 16: How do I artfully turn down work with someone I’d like to work with again later?

Question 17: When are you too old to make it? Everyone seems to want younger people.

Question 18: How do I get work when so much depends on luck?

Question 19: When is a good time to call someone?

Question 20: What if I have to leave a message?

Question 21: Should I stick to one thing (directing/acting/camera) or diversify?

Question 22: Are there any no-nos for staying in touch with people?

Question 23: I’ve been out of the industry for 2 years because I was sick. Is it possible to get back in?

Question 24: I am meeting a director I would like to work with. I’ve researched him but I don’t know what to say.

Question 25: Why doesn’t talent count for anything?

Question 26: What if I can’t find anything on the person I’m researching?

Question 27: Do you recommend sending postcards as thank you notes?

Question 28: What is rapport? You keep talking about it. Part 1

Question 29: What is rapport? Part 2

Question 30: Is creating rapport manipulative and phony?

Question 31: I live in a small town and want to move to LA. What should I do?

Question 32: Should I re-rate?

Question 33: What do I do if my boss won’t move me up?

Question 34: Should I go to film school?

Question 35: What do you do when someone is stealing the conversation? Part 1

Question 36: What do you do when someone is stealing the conversation? Part 2

Question 37: Should I get on Facebook for work reasons?

Question 38: How do I deal with finding work in such a bad economy?

Question 39: Why is it important to BCC my mass emails?

Question 40: Should you “settle” for work that may not be exactly what you want to pursue?

Question 41: How should I prepare for an informational meeting with someone I’ve been referred to?

Question 42: how do you market and sell yourself without seeming fake?

Question 43: how do you avoid getting pigeon-holed?

Question 44: when you are at the top of your profession on the technical side, how do you break through into management?

Question 45: How does going to a Union movie screening help me when I’m watching a movie?

Question 46: Will internships in the entertainment industry lead to anything after?

Question 47:It seems like every successful person took a different path to become successful. How do I know what the right path is?

Question 48: How do I find representation?

Question 49: How do I choose a mentor?

Question 50: I read your list of people to get referrals to on page 79 but how do you ask for them when people are so competitive?

Question 51: Is it difficult crossing over from television to film, or vice versa?

Question 52: Do you have to live in Hollywood to have a successful career in entertainment?

Question 53: Question: How do I stand out?

Question 54: What do you do when your family doesn’t get/support what you do?

Question 55: Can one get a steady job in the entertainment industry?

Question 56: How long does it realistically take to make it as a screenwriter?

Question 57: I just moved to LA. How do I make enough money to stay here while I try to get industry work?

Question 58: Do I really need a good academic background to make it in Hollywood?

Question 59: How do you know who to contact about getting a job when the job you want is not posted on any website?

Question 60: Which industry (film, television, commercial) would you say is easiest to get work in?

Question 61: If I make projects with friends or want to sell an idea for a script or project, how do I go about selling it to someone to produce?

Question 62: Part 2 of yesterday’s question: How do I sell an idea for a script or project?

Question 63: What should I ask as starting pay?

Question 64: Since I freelance and move around a lot from show to show, when I do know if it’s time to get rid of some old gigs on my resume?

Question 65: What is the best way to get into Development and work your way up?

Question 66: Is Facebook a good place to network?

Question 67: How do I stay in touch with people while I’m working? I usually get absorbed in what I am doing.

Question 68: What do I need to know about the Upfronts?

Question 69: Should I do a sex scene for a non-union production?

Question 70: Would you represent me? (asked at the agent panel I spoke on tonight)

Question 71: Is it appropriate to approach someone after they’ve spoken on a panel or Q&A?

Question 72: I’ve recently suffered the loss of my spouse, is this something I should share?

Question 73: Why should I go to the LA Film Fest if I don’t have a project in it or know anyone who does?

Question 74: How do I deal with the resentment I feel towards people who are working?

Question 75: Why do your answers sometimes contradict themselves?

Question 76: You say I’m 100% responsible for my career but I feel I can’t control anything. What do I do?

Question 77: Is it true that if I take a vacation I’ll get called for work?

Question 78: Can I call people for work now, even though I’ve been out of touch them?

Question 79: I am astonished by the amount of things you do each day and each week and wonder how you do it.

Question 80: My 2 shows have been cancelled and I feel like I’m abandoning my "family" if I take a job with a new crew. Should I just wait?

Question 81: What do people really want to see in a reel?

Question 82: How do I spot bulls*#t artists to prevent wasting my time and effort?

Question 83: How does networking at industry social events and parties ever lead to future work?

Question 84: I don’t have the reel to get work as a DP, but I’m afraid to take other work for money. Am I wrong?

Question 85: I’m watching the Housewives of New Jersey. Is it okay for kids that young to be in entertainment?

Question 86: What do you do if you call someone and they don’t call you back?

Question 87: Which city has the best potential in terms of finding a job (LA, NYC or Chicago)?

Question 88: Is late 20’s too late to join the party? see blog for detailed question

Question 89: How do I get my own national talk show? I have 18+ years as a clinical psychologist.

Question 90: Is doing a reality show an "in" for an actress?

Question 91: Is the business always this slow?

Question 92: You’ve got your own business, do you ever think of just quitting the "biz"?

Question 93: What do I do when I have to work and "life" shows up?

Question 94: How should I dress for an interview with an agent?

Question 95:What if I know people are talking about me at Union Networking events? Should I still go?

Question 96: Is it cool if I don’t live in LA but have a friend moving out there, to ask my friend who lives there to make my friend feel at home?

Question 97: What do I do if I’m in a remote state like Alaska to generate Union work if I’m not in the Union?

Question 98: I feel stupid approaching a person after they’ve done a Q&A, but I see others doing it. Should I do it despite how I feel?

Question 99: I tried creating rapport like you suggested in Questions 28 & 29 and it felt weird and obvious. What am I doing wrong?

Question 100: I was top of my field in music photography now i want to get into set photography. How do I do it?

Question 101: What is a smart question to ask at an industry Q & A?

Question 102: Is the "casting couch" real or an urban legend?

Question 103: When is the best time of year to switch agents? Part 1

Question 104: When is the best time of year to switch agents? Part 2

Question 105: How are all of these people getting themselves seen on YouTube?

Question 106: I have your book, I’ve read your blog, and I’m still procrastinating on getting a mentor. What’s my problem?!

Question 107: You said "know everybody." Isn’t that really general?

Question 108: How do I get an acting job on a TV show this fall?

Question 109: I have a new baby who’s taking up a lot of my time. Should I admit this to people?

Question 110: I am always amused when you say everyone needs to know directors. I’m a director. Who do I need to know to get work?

Question 111:How do I get on a show that I absolutely LOVE?

Question 112: What schools do you recommend?

Question 113: My parents have given me a deadline to make $ or they will stop supporting me. How can I speed up the process of getting work?

Question 114: Why does my 12-year-old daughter’s acting classes cost so much more than my 21-year-olds?

Question 115: What if I don’t want to go to a networking event alone but I don’t know anyone to go with?

Question 116: How do I explain the lapse in dates on my resume?

Question 117: Should I be on Twitter?

Question 118: I’m not involved in my union other than paying my dues. Does this really matter?

Question 119: Does it make me look bad if I give someone a testimonial, like I needed help?

Question 120: After I read your blogs and your book I realized I did so many things wrong. Did I burn bridges?

Question 121: Can my grandparents be in movies?

Question 122: I’ve had a prestigious career and feel I’m being blacklisted now. How do I handle this?

Question 123: How can I find out what it’s like to work in scripted to make sure it’s everything I hope it will be?

Question 124: How do I make the most of non-entertainment industry events to find work?

Question 125: What is the best way to overcome the notion people have regarding reality vs scripted vs documentary to further my career path?

Question 126: What is the biggest problem you see with people in our industry?

Question 127: How do I convince someone I can direct without going back to school?

Question 128: Doesn’t having a Facebook/Twitter link on my website look unprofessional?

Question 129: How do I sell myself while avoiding sounding overconfident or too experienced?

Question 130: I’m not in the "biz" can your tools still help me?

Question 131: I’m frustrated by the limited amount of jobs relative to the people who want them. What to do?

Question 132: I work an 8 to 5 job, which I feel blessed to have. But, it doesn’t give me much room to go on auditions. Should I quit?

Question 133: I want to get back into production after 10 years. What’s the best way?

Question 135: How can I make my career transition without reverting back to entry-level wages?

Question 136: You say know "everybody," but I gotta tell you, there are some weird people in our business! What if I don’t want to know them?

Question 137: I’ve been trying to relocate to LA, from Scotland. How do I get round the catch 22 situation of requiring a VISA to work in the US…

Question 138: Any tips on technology etiquette? I was at a meeting with a guy who kept checking his iPhone.

Question 139: I’m not in your business, my husband is, and I just don’t get it. I’m very frustrated!

Question 140: You commented on Facebook "tech-etiquette." What are the rules?

Question 141: Seriously, it’s summer and everyone’s on hiatus or on vacation. How do I get motivated to network?

Question 142: How do I choose which film festivals are worth going to for networking purposes?

Question 143: What do you do when you’ve worked at 3 places and everyone burns you? It’s hard to trust people in this industry.

Question 144: What is the first thing a student should do upon finishing film school?

Question 145: What is the fastest someone’s gotten a job when working with you?

Question 146: You always say that creating relationships is the key to success in this industry. Is this true?

Question 147: Should I change my name to sound like someone famous to get in the door?

Question 148: I’ve been looking for work as a PA and I wonder if you have any advice.

Question 149: How do I follow up with someone after a networking event?

Question 150: should I lie about my age?

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