When I decided to re-rate from first assistant to operator five years ago, I didn’t even know that career coaching or Jessica Sitomer existed. That was a bit of a miracle right there; just that someone somewhere was available and willing to make a priority of me forging my way down this new path. As a direct or indirect result of the program I’ve done work on CSI: NY, several television pilots, Madmen, and quite a few movies and television shows. Most recently I’ve just completed a season of CANE for CBS starring Jimmy Smits. I can’t say enough about Jessica’s coaching program. It’s one of the best things I’ve had happen to me professionally. When I started working with Jessica I was working a couple of days a month….maybe. And then it was several days a month. And a couple of years later I was working every day, which is pretty fortunate I think. Before I started the career coaching program I was sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. After working with Jessica, I was doing what other successful cameramen in Hollywood have always been doing: developing relationships. It was also great to work with other coaching program participants in a group setting and to know that I wasn’t alone in being at a crossroads in my career.

-Brian Pitts, camera operator
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