The theme for this month is Inspiration.  My Greenlight Elites are posting daily pictures of what inspires them in a moment from the day (on our private page), and it’s really got us all looking at things with excitement.  I was also inspired by an email sent to me from one of my readers, who mailed me after the Tim McGraw link I sent last time.  He reached out to invite me to one of his country shows.  I was really touched that a complete stranger would ask me to come see him play.  I went and it was inspiring because notonly was he very talented, he also introduced me to classic songs I had not been exposed to. If you are in California and want to check him out you can him playing regularly at

For some more inspiration, here’s my latest Jess Gets Reel Video on The Inspiration of Collaboration… If you feel like you’re in this industry alone… maybe with your dog or your plant, you’ll want to watch and yes, I’m imitating Bridget Jones…


Look for inspiration everyday, and you will find it.  Look for people to collaborate with, and you will find them!

And if you want a great website at a resonable rate contact my lifesaver, Kathy Hoffman HERE