By Jessica Sitomer

Why am I writing this? Because yesterday, I witnessed a director ask a DP for his card after watching a short film he shot (beautifully I might add). The DP didn’t have one on him, so the director handed him his card and said to keep in touch. The conversation would have ended there, had I not known the DP and intervened.

I pulled out an index card & pen and handed it to the DP saying, "give him your contact information." The DP wrote down his name, number, and email address. He was about to hand it to the director when I suggested he add to the card: where they met, their mutual friend, the name of the project, and that he is a DP.

What you need to know:

1.  EVERYONE should have one, no matter what classification you are. The reason is because this is how people will have your information to get in touch with you. The basics on it are your: name, classification, phone number, email address, website.

2.  I advise my clients to take notes on people’s business cards so they remember who YOU are. Because of that, for those of you who have two sided cards, make sure one side isn’t glossy. Glossy cards are too hard to write on with a ball point pen.

3.  Because some people don’t have business cards, carry index cards on you so you can take their information. Never count on them to follow up with you.  Keep the ball in your court. Take their name, contact info, what they do, and what you discussed.

Final tip: put your business cards in different places, so you always have them on you or in your car, etc.

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