CLUELESS  Do You Need a Marketing Makeover?
By, Jessica Sitomer

Cher thought it would be fun to give new transfer student, Tai a makeover, because she knew that in high school, it was all about “how you market yourself.”

How do you market yourself? Are you one of those “I’m available people?” An “I’m Available Person (IAP),” is someone who calls everyone he/she knows and leaves a message that he/she is available. If you’re an extreme IAP, you also let people know you’re available on Facebook, and tell people whom you’ve just met, that you’re available.

Here’s what happens when you’re an IAP: people hear you, know you’re available, but don’t have anything for you. This makes them feel uncomfortable so they don’t call you back, don’t respond to your FB post, or end your conversation. Being an IAP is outdated. It’s time to get current on your marketing. Here are 3 ideas for you from the business world, which haven’t saturated the entertainment industry… yet! So get started now, because once everyone’s doing it, you’ll be outdated again.

1.    Create a newsletter. Use mine as an example. People read newsletters because they find value in them. Therefore, start out with a quick intro about what you’re up to and then give them some value. Write an article or re-publish someone else’s that you found valuable, that would interest the people you’re reaching. Make recommendations. Write reviews. A newsletter keeps you on their mind, the same way an “I’m Available” call does, only people get something out of a newsletter.

2.    Write a blog. Instead of posting to 1000 of your closest “Friends” that you’re available, post a link to a blog where they can get to know you better, interact with comments, and get valuable information. Once people get to know you better, you can reach out to them personally when you’re out of work and ask for referrals or set visits.

3.    Look for creative ways to create a campaign around what’s currently happening in your life. Successful clients of mine have created behind the scenes videos for YouTube, teaser postcards/emails, and generated press by tying their entertainment position together with a unique hook on a current event, then sent the press around. Campaigns are extremely underused by entertainment industry professionals, even though so many of us are involved in the making of them for other people.         

I’ve only touched on these marketing ideas, so if you have questions, send them my way. Like Cher, it’s important to have someone who has a “clue” to help make you over.  

And Action!

1. Decide which one of the 3 marketing strategies you want to start with. (I know you overachievers want to do them all, but better to master one at a time)

2.  Break it down into manageable tasks
a. If you’re doing a newsletter, come up with 12 topics that your readers would find interesting.
b. If your doing a blog, find your hook (like Tristin’s “Daley News” a tie-in to her last name). Then tie your hook into 52 subjects, so you have a plan for one per week.
c. If you’re starting with a campaign, design your plan for audio, video, copy, and photographs.

It’s easy to watch people like Tristin take action and say, “Good for her!” yet, before you know it, another year has gone by, you have 12 Daley News reports, and you’re still an IAP. You’ve got to be competitive to stay in the game!