CRAZY HEART The Ups the Downs and the Comebacks
By, Jessica Sitomer

Bad Blake, played by Jeff Bridges, is in a bad way. Once a huge star, he’s now playing bowling alleys, drinking himself close to death, and sabotaging his relationship and his comeback. To get his life together, he’ll have to make some major changes, maybe even take a few hits to his ego; the choice is his to make.

So many people are going through changes in their careers this year. Some are being open about it, others are putting on a brave face and suffering through alone, and still others are self-destructing. Our industry is infamous for ups and downs, and comebacks. Where are you? On an up? Headed down? In need of a comeback? The first step is being honest with yourself about where you are right now.

Sometimes, I give you tools that you can use for your business. Other times, I give you strategies and mindsets to navigate your way. Today, if you’re suffering through any kind of change, I’m going to give you some words from my “crazy heart”. Here goes-

You don’t deserve to suffer because you have a passion for what you do. It shouldn’t hurt your relationships, cause you financial hardship, or negatively affect your health because you love what you do and you can’t bear the thought of doing anything else. And yet, this happens to so many of us. It’s like a cruel joke; you’ve been given a gift, a passion so great, that all you want to do is indulge in that gift everyday, and make enough money to be happy and keep on sharing your gift. But the roadblocks and the rejections keep getting in the way. So many people have no idea what their purpose in life is, but you do. It’s so clear that if I asked you to tell me what it looked like; what your ideal day at work would be, or who you’ll be working with in ten years, you’d be able to tell me with such joy such excitement. So why do you have to suffer? Why were you given this gift, this knowledge of your purpose if it would be such a challenge to share? Do we really have to hit rock bottom, lose it all, or hurt the ones we love because we don’t want to give up?

It’s not fair! Yell it three times, out loud. Go on, I give you permission. It may feel weird at first, but you have a right to say it and mean it. It’s not fair! Your gift, your birthright talent is pumping in your veins. You explain it to people; you are misunderstood, you are valued, you are mocked, you are revered, you are rejected, you are rewarded, you are deflated, you are rejuvenated, you are desperate, you are in the zone. It’s a roller coaster ride, forever, and you’ve already bought your ticket and strapped yourself in.  

When you’re up, you fear being down. When you’re down, you fear never being up again.

If you’re ready for a comeback, you have to take some lessons from Bad Blake and give up your sabotaging ways, your bad habits, your pride, your ‘story.’ Whatever that story was for you when you decided to pursue your dream, it’s time to rewrite it. The only way to do that is through BIG change. It’s terrifying, I know, believe me, I do. But when you make that decision to change, to take that big leap, you make a decision to have faith that the net will appear and you will bounce back stronger than you’ve ever been. You think that the competition is fierce, that there’s not enough room for everyone, and you’re right. What you don’t realize is that there’s room for you. You’re a cut above the rest, and deep down you know it. It’s what keeps you holding on. It’s what makes the suffering bearable. You’re special and you know it. You truly are.

And Action!
1. Take the last six months of this year to do inventory. What has to change? Who’s support do you need? What risks must you take?    

2.  What hasn’t been working that you continue to do? What will you do in 2011 to force it to change?

Bad Blake had to swallow his pride and open up for Tommy Sweet, someone he’d mentored. He had to sell his songs to make others into stars. He had to give up drinking. He had to accept that he’d lost the woman he loved. And with these changes came his comeback, and it was good. It can be good for you too. You deserve it!