Jessica Sitomer’s career coaching program has been extremely helpful in the advancement of my career as a camera/Steadicam operator. The motion picture industry is highly competitive and it’s often not enough to just put yourself out there. Jessica has given me an array of “tools” to help me achieve my goals including specific assignments, ways of thinking, and successfully interacting with people, encouragement, feedback, etc. – many things that did not occur to me or I would have thought to do on my own. As a direct result of my one-on-one as well as group meetings with Jessica, I’ve greatly expanded my network with people who are at the highest levels of their craft. This has resulted in personal relationships, more career guidance, and actual work as people who I have met have referred me to jobs, which would otherwise be out of my reach. There’s no question I’m much farther along in my career with Jessica’s help than without. Even when I’m busy, I maintain communication with her as I feel that her guidance continues to benefit me through the good as well as the slow times.

-Dan Coplan, camera operator/Steadicam