By Jessica Sitomer

Thomas Anderson makes a living by illegally hacking computers. You just want to know how to use your computer to market yourself and your talent. While Social Networking Sites can be as intimidating to some as The Matrix, it doesn’t have to be. Though, like The Matrix, it can seem like another world.

The key to the web is creating VALUE. Everything you post should be geared toward your business, and building relationships.

Here are some smart ways to market on the web that are both professional and effectivet:

1. Create a website that honestly represents what you do professionally.
• Make it easy for people to find the information about you that they need.
• Showcase your best attributes.

Remember to consider the long term. You may need search optimization at some point. As an additional revenue stream in the future, you may want to sell information products of your own or as an affiliate. Be sure your site has that capability even if you don’t need it right now. It will save you $ in the long run.

*NOTE: if you are not website building savvy, and will spend a lot of time learning as you build, I suggest what my mentor Loral Langemeier says, "Strengthen your strengths, pay for your weaknesses." It’s better to spend money on a professional web designer, so you can spend YOUR time generating money with your professional strengths. I recommend Kathy Hoffman at Tell her you’re my client. She’s very reasonable and very reliable.

2. Get on Social Networking Sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Plaxo, etc. For me, Facebook is the priority (this week). Make informative or inquisitive posts on people’s walls. Poll your network to find out what sites they use. It’s a great reason to get back in touch.

For example: a camera operator needed an AC. He posted his request on my wall and on my Greenlight Coach Group wall, and found his AC through my friends network. (hint, hint, if you’re reading this you should be friend requesting me on FB, joining The Greenlight Coach Group, and following me on Twitter.
Facebook, also gives you the opportunity to create deeper relationships because it’s social as well as business oriented.

There are different privacy settings for those of you who have privacy concerns. Investigate them, before deciding it’s not right for you.

3. Write an informative blog or create a podcast. You are an expert. Own it! Share your expertise with the world.

4. Post videos of yourself (demonstrating /teaching/ working) on YouTube. No dancing to a montage of music from the 80’s… that’s just weird (the only exception is: if you’re a professional dancer).

5. Post informative comments AND success stories on other people’s blogs like: and This gets you recognized as an expert in your field, in a community of like-minded people.

If any of this is confusing for you, ask for advice and guidance. I am finding these tips and tools to be extremely valuable for my clients and myself. Make them work for YOU!

And… Action!

1. If you’re not on a Social Networking site, sign up on Facebook, TODAY.

2. If you’re on Facebook, post a success story on my wall or post your reel on The Greenlight Coach Facebook group.

3. If you don’t have a website or if your website isn’t competitive, contact Kathy for a consultation.

The web is a constantly changing entity. You can’t beat ‘em SO JOIN ‘EM. If you have concerns about this new type of networking, contact me and I’ll help you address them.

Comments or questions on this article? Ask me now, at where I’ll be answering a question per day.

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