Do you work a lot on your career/company? I do! Sometimes until 3am… okay, most of the time until 3am. The great thing about my work, is that I love it, so it doesn’t feel like "work."

That said, everyone needs some downtime, once in a while. My old boss, Steve, was in town this past week, so I took the day off and hung out with him. We went to the Griffith Park Observatory. I had a blast! I was reminded of how much I loved the planetarium as a kid. I still love to look at the stars and follow the cycles of the moon. But, I’d forgotten how much I love it, until I was sitting in the incredible planetarium at the Observatory.

What are other sources of passion for you? It’s so important to take yourself out of your "career" once in a while and indulge in other passions. If you don’t know what to indulge in, make a list of things you can "try on" to see what fits.

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