Click… Work-o-holics Beware!
By Jessica Sitomer

Work-o-holic, architect, Michael Newman, is working his butt off to keep everyone happy; his wife, kids, and boss. When he reaches his frustration point, he buys a universal remote that controls—the universe. He’s able to fast forward to get what he wants (like a promotion) only to realize that moving forward in time is causing him to miss out on the little things that make life joyful.

It’s understandable that when you’re pursuing a goal that has no concrete steps to achieve, you may get a bit obsessive about work. It’s also understandable that once a work “spree” starts, there’s a fear about taking any time off because you never know when the next job opportunity will present itself.

I find myself coaching a lot of people who go from one 18-hour day job, to another 18-hour day job, sometimes for months on end. They are torn between capitalizing on the job opportunities and balancing life and family.

You don’t have a universal remote like Michael to teach you life’s lessons, but you do have me to give you some tips for adding fun to the mix:

1. Schedule out time for fun.
2. Plan vacations at the beginning of the year so you and the family have something to look forward to.
3. Make a list of “fun” activities ranging from two minutes to two weeks.
4. Have fun buddies, those people with whom you can count on to have a good time.

I know the fear of taking your eye off the ball for even a moment when it comes to work. I also know that when you don’t give yourself the time to sit on the couch and catch up on your favorite shows or movies, that time will be forced on you.. by a flu.

Take care of yourself, and your career aspirations will be enhanced. Fun in your life makes you fun on set. Being fun on set gets you re-hired!

And… Action!

1. You know it—make your “fun list”

2. Do 1 fun activity this week!

3. Share your “fun idea” in my comments section

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