13 Going On 30… What Kind of Impact Are YOU Leaving?”
By Jessica Sitomer

Jenna Rink, wished she were “30 and flirty” and with a little movie magic stardust, her wish was granted. At first, it appeared fantastic: great job, great wardrobe, great attitude (insert scratch of the record player here)—actually, when Jenna realized what her future self was like, she didn’t like who she’d become at all! Lucky for Jenna, the movie magic continued. She returned to her 13-year-old self and was able to change her actions, be a better person, and create her happy ending.

Unfortunately, the magic movie dust is only in the movies. YOU don’t get second chances to leave an impact on people.

How would people remember you from high school? How would you be remembered from your first job? How would you be remembered by someone you met last week?

Movies impact people. Television impacts people. YOU impact people. Every action you take that affects someone else has the potential to leave a lasting memory. What kind of memories do you want to create? With whom do you want to create them?

It’s easy to get caught up in the muck of what’s going on. It can make you unhappy which can cause you to be harsh to someone else, and the impact is felt. That person goes into a funk and is abrupt with someone else, and so on and so on.

The other day, a well-dressed stranger approached me at a gas station. He had run out of gas and asked me for a dollar. I gave him three (it was all I had). He pulled his truck in, filled his tank with three dollars worth, and asked me if he could send me back the money. I told him to pay it forward just as I noticed his truck was filled with boxes, a chair, and a TV. A look of humiliation washed over his face. It was heartbreaking. These are hard times for many. Be kind, when you can. Be giving, when you can. Be conscious of the tone you use with others, when you can.

Maybe one day, when life is better for that guy, and his TV is plugged into his new place, he’ll see me on it, and think to himself, “Huh, she reminds me of the girl who gave me three dollars when I was down and out.”

And… Action!

1. Consciously make the effort to create one impacting, positive memory for someone this week.

2. Re-establish contact with someone and share a memory of how he/she impacted your life for the better.

When you feel yourself getting caught in the muck of this industry/economy, remember, THE WORK YOU DO HAS AN IMPACT. You never know the change you can create in a person’s life, when given the opportunity to experience your work.

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