Picture Perfect… Just Go For It!

Katie is a single, hard working woman, making her way up the ranks at an advertising agency. When she gets passed up for a promotion, she wants to know why. The answer: because the company feels that she doesn’t fit the “perfect picture.” Not having a stable relationship where others count on her, she could up and leave the company on a whim.

I used to have lots of “perfection blocks.” I couldn’t meet casting directors until I had the “perfect” headshot, so I would waste months deciding which of my shots was THE ONE. When I launched my business, I spent nine months waiting for my book to be published before going out to speak. In retrospect, I could write a book on all of the opportunities I passed up because of procrastination in the name of perfection.

Lately, I’ve been speaking with lots of people who say that they can’t take action because… “I have to get ______ done first.”

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in preparation, and I also believe there is such a thing as being too prepared. Being too prepared is when you have enough to handle yourself professionally, but fear is stopping you from taking action, so you convince yourself “it” has to be perfect.

Kate, faked a marriage engagement, and everything was perfect, until… well, I’m not going to ruin it for you. Let’s just say, things don’t have to be perfect. You’re never going to be 100% ready. IS AN ARTIST’S WORK EVER REALLY DONE?

So, let go of the need for perfection, and GO FOR IT! Move forward on what you really want! See what happens, what will develop, because ACTION ALWAYS LEADS TO SOMETHING…

And… Action!

1. Make a list of all of your current ongoing projects; mentor requests, reels, class/equipment studies, editing a project, pursuing your career, starting a new business/project, etc.

2. Write down “why” it’s not or you are not ready. What more needs to be “perfect”?

3. Take one action to move you forward despite the lack of perfection.

TRY IT! I know it’s a different way of doing things, but it just might be fun! It’s called flying by the seat of your pants. Yes, I’m giving you permission to raise your hands over your head on the roller coaster… have a great ride.

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