Why do people lie? It’s so stupid! A few days ago, someone with the same last name as me (if that really is his name), sent an email to my site. It read: "I have a movie treatment in the national treasure mode and canto figure out how to get it to Jon Turtletaub….Any ideas, cuz?"

I would have gladly responded to this person, had he not added the "any ideas, cuz?" Maybe we do have the same last name. Maybe we are somehow related. But, this is NOT how you make a first contact with someone! His mistake is your learning tool. All he had to do was say, "Hey, we have the same last name. We’re probably related." That would have peaked my interest. Instead, I called my dad, who had no knowledge of such a person, Facebooked my cousins, who didn’t know him, and then got pissed, because I felt I was being manipulated. Why lie? Because you think I’ll find it cute? You don’t know me yet. You have no idea, what I find charming… now you do- SINCERITY!

Remember, people who don’t know you, don’t know your sense of humor. First contacts should ALWAYS be professional. Why take the risk of offending someone? It’s pointless.

And now a deep breath………………………. and I’m over it. So, who’s excited for The Proposal with Sandra Bullock? Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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