There are lots of resources for teaching you how to act, direct, light, build, operate, score, edit, design, etc. BUT there aren’t many resources that speak to artists and craftsman about how to get work. Therefore, most people in the Entertainment Industry aren’t looking for an Industry Coach. Which is why, if you are reading my blogs, you will have an advantage over your competition.

It’s interesting; I had a meeting to be a speaker for an organization recently, and the interviewer began to tell me about someone else who does something similar to what I do. I told her I’d heard of the person. She was surprised. THAT surprised me! It’s my job to know my industry. The person she was referring to does something complimentary to what I do, but not the same. Yet, if I wasn’t aware of what the other person was doing, how would I have been able to effectively sell myself? I booked the speaking engagement

You must have an intense curiosity! Discover whatever information is out there to assist you. Drink it up. Who knows, what I say in tomorrow’s blog could change your entire career path! Always be looking for new words of wisdom, encouragement, and motivation!

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