You Do What You Gotta Do

Mentors are SO important. Why?  Because, success leaves footprints that you want to follow. Last month, my Greenlight Intensive Group hit major resistance in the mentor department. Being someone who values and cherishes my mentors, I struggle to understand this block.  Therefore my advice is this: You Do What You Gotta Do.

If you “gotta” stumble around, figuring out your path at the school of Hard Knocks, do it. BUT… there’s an easier way.  Mentors!  There’s a reason so many Oscar winners thank their mentors.  I recently woke up at 6am to drive to Vegas in order to meet with one of my mentors, whom I was paying to mentor me (you do what you gotta do). He worked with me for 10 hours and then I drove home, popping dark chocolate covered blueberries at 2am in order to stay awake (you do what you gotta do).

The next day I reviewed what we’d discussed. Some of it was WAAAAAY out of my comfort zone. I had confronted him with, “but weren’t you doing what I’m doing when you were first starting your business?” He replied, “Yes, which is why I’m trying to save you ten years.”

And there it was, the reason I tell you to get mentors. I’m at “D” he’s at “M” on his way to “Z.” “A-D” has been learning curve enough for me.  He’s giving me the secrets to skip “E-L” and go straight to “M.”  It may be WAAAAAAAAY out of my comfort zone, but I’M GONNA DO WHAT I GOTTA DO!

Make the best use of your time. Obtain some mentors and get where you want to go FAST!  And if that scares you, You Do What You…………………. that’s right!

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