Bruce Almighty… What’s Standing in Your Way of Greatness?
By Jessica Sitomer

Bruce Nolan, is a discontented television reporter in Buffalo, N Y.  So, he does what most discontented people do: he complains, he makes excuses, and he BLAMES.  Now it’s one thing to blame himself, but that’s not what Bruce does.  No.  After pointing his finger at the many people at the station who were to blame for his career dissatisfaction, he decides to point the finger of blame at God.  God responds by bestowing upon Bruce, the great responsibility of answering peoples’ prayers. 

You have been bestowed upon, the great responsibility of sharing your gifts.  What’s in your way?  Do you complain, make excuses, procrastinate, and/or blame others when your career isn’t moving in the direction you’d like it to go?

These are little habits that turn into big problems because it takes the responsibility off of you.  That means that you believe the level of your success is dependent on other people.  Not true.      

You are 100% responsible for your success.  There are business strategies to overcome any obstacle—and before you give me an excuse as to why your situation is different, I ask you to entertain the possibility that it’s not.

If you want to succeed you MUST:
Stop complaining and start strategizing
Stop making excuses and start looking for solutions
Stop procrastinating and start taking action
Stop blaming and start taking control

How?  Start with today’s And…Action! exercises. When more questions come up, ask me for help.

And… Action!
1.   Make a 2-column table. In the left column, list all of your complaints and excuses.  In the right column, list strategies and solutions.  If you are stuck, email me and I’ll give you some.
2. Who do you point the finger at when things don’t go your way?  Your agent (or lack of)? Your contacts?  Your family?  Write down why you blame him/her/them, and then read what you wrote.  How can you take the blame off of others and instead, put the responsibility on yourself?

3. Do you procrastinate? Take one action this week when you don’t want to. Procrastination is a habit. To break a habit you have to change what you’re doing. Make one change this week by pushing yourself to take action in a situation where you would normally procrastinate.       
"Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have—and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up."
— James Belasco and Ralph Stayer

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