Preparation begins…

Every June, my favorite training company gives 3 weeks of coaching and speaking training. The first year, I took 1 week. The second year, I crewed the 1st week and took the 3rd week. The next year I crewed the 1st and the 3rd week. This will be the first year that I will be crewing/taking all 3 weeks. We are talking minimum 12 hour days with 1 day breaks in between, and on those two “break days,” I’m scheduled to give Greenlight Coach Seminars.

Now, the parallel situation for you would be, say… booking a 3 week feature film. Why do I parallel the two? Because while I’m in the training for 3 weeks, I’m still a business owner. I still have to earn a living, complete my daily/weekly obligations, respond to my clients and Greenlight Intensive Group, and generate future work. And when you’re on a 3 week feature, SO DO YOU. Yet, when I tell this to my clients, I hear,

“I’m too tired after a long day”
“There’s not enough time to focus on the business side”
“I need to put all of my attention on this job”

Imagine if I decided to drop everything Greenlight to stay completely focused on the 3 week training. How would I bring in money? Who would attend to my clients needs? Who would maintain my daily blog and newsletters? Who would respond to speaking requests and new potential clients?

This is exactly why people who don’t focus on business, finish a film, a series, a commercial, etc., and then feel like they’re starting all over again.

The key is preparation. I will pre-write 3 weeks of blogs and 2 newsletters. I will create an auto-responder telling people the limited hours I have to get back to them, then I will schedule and prioritize that time. I will make at least one phone call per break and two at lunch if necessary. I can text and email before and after hours.

If you prepare your strategy, your mind is ready for it, and won’t tire, before you’re done.

Before you even book your next job, create a strategy plan for managing your business while you’re working. And if you need help, let me know…

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