Raining in LA- Rewarding Yourself

We are having weather here in LA! Being from New York, anything other than sunshine in LA is weather. I’m enjoying the rain. It’s something different. This week, why not do something different that makes you happy, something to reward yourself for all of the hard work you’re doing.

Not working hard? Then reward yourself in preparation for the work that you’re committed to doing. Or perhaps you have to go easy on yourself. In other words, take notice of the small successes along the way.

Today I worked hard. One of the things on my to-do list was "go to Staples." I like to break up my long work hours at home by getting out of the house for an errand or two. To use my $10 Staples coupon I had to spend $1 more. I asked the guy what I could buy for a dollar, as I started to eye the mini-supplies in the rack by the check out stand.

He said, "Forget that stuff. Get yourself a Reese’s!"

A man after my own heart. So I did… sweet reward!

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