By Jessica Sitomer

“Life’s a climb, but the view’s great.” Those were Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana’s words before she began her song The Climb, in the made for tween movie. Yet there’s nothing “tweeny” about the lyrics to that song. You tell me. Can you almost see it, that dream your dreaming? Is there sometimes a voice inside your head saying, “You’ll never reach it?” Do you ever feel lost with no direction? Does your faith get shaken? Yet you know that the struggles you’re facing and the chances you’re taking, sometimes may knock you down, but you’re not breaking.   

Anything that matters is “a climb” the question is, do you take a moment to stop climbing, turn around, and see how far you’ve come? It’s so easy to get caught up with what success and achievement look like, but did you ever notice that what looked like success 10 years ago, you may have already accomplished?

Most people I come across reach for an achievement, achieve it, and then say, “What’s next?” It’s great to have long-term goals as long as you celebrate the achievements along the way. If you don’t you can feel like a hamster in a wheel.    
Because “There’s always going to be another mountain, and you’re always gonna wanna make it move,” Follow these suggestions for a successful climb:

1.    Get clear on your milestones that you will achieve on your way to the “ultimate dream.”

2.    When you achieve a milestone, have a ritual celebration to acknowledge your accomplishment and NEVER EVER skip it!

3.    Be flexible. If you map out your climb, and you see a more appealing route, be willing to go in a new direction

4.    If you hit an obstacle on your climb, a tree falls in your path, or you come face to face with a bear, know that there is always a way around, over, or through the obstacle. You may need help, to figure out the way, but there IS a way.

5.    When someone acknowledges your success, don’t negate them. If you don’t agree, ask yourself (or them), why they consider _____ a success? What seems like an easy feat to you may be a big deal and even inspirational for others and you should acknowledge yourself for that.

6.    Set yourself up for success by giving yourself short-term manageable goals to achieve, and celebrate their completion.

7.    Create an uplifting soundtrack (kind of like the mixed-tape from days of yore) to lift you up and keep you going as you climb.

8.    Remember that very few Climbers dare to climb alone. Find yourself a partner of a team who believe in you and support your climb.

As Miley Cyrus sang, “Always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes I’m gonna have to lose. Ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb.”     

And Action!
1. Write yourself a letter about what you will achieve in the next 12 months. Remember to have big and small, stretch and simple goals. Put it away, and mark your calendar for a year from now to read your note. When the year is up, celebrate any achievements you forgot to acknowledge along your climb.  

2. Practice this mindset, by setting a simple, achievable goal for this week. Celebrate its completion.  

3. If you find the words of The Climb inspiring, download it from iTunes and use it as an audio anchor, to lift you up during times when you are feeling the “uphill battle”.

Hannah Montana The Movie, may not have been on your “must see list” if you don’t have kids, but the song spans all generations. “Keep on movin’, keep climbin’, keep the faith, it’s all about the climb.”