DEJA VU Be The Inspiration That Would Inspire You   
By Jessica Sitomer

An experimental FBI surveillance unit exists, one that uses spacefolding technology. Agent Doug Carlin, ATF (Denzel Washington) wants to use the device to travel back in time and not only prevent a catastrophic bombing, but also a murder.

Imagine if you could go back in time and use the information that you know now. I can’t tell you how many of my clients have said, “If only I’d known you 10 years ago (5 years ago, 1 year ago).” Why do they say that? Because if they’d been using the tools I’d given them in the past, their present and their future would be much different.

The bad news is, I don’t have access to spacefolding technology, so I can’t send you back in time. The good news is, I do have an exercise that will give you a glimpse of what your future could look like by going back to your past. You can give it a go without the risks of spacefolding technology by taking these steps:  
1.    See your future: Close your eyes and imagine it is 3 months from now and you just got your first big break! Get clear on what the big break is and allow yourself to feel the confidence that the job brings. Now, imagine it’s a few months later and your big break has landed you your ideal job. Get clear on the details of your ideal job. Now that you have the job, who are you calling to talk business with? Who is calling you for jobs, advice, help? Who are you networking with? Who are you having meetings with? What tools are you using to maintain your momentum and continue to advance your career?

2.    Identify your blocks: Now that you’ve seen what’s possible in your future, what tools do you have now that you aren’t fully using? In what areas are you procrastinating; networking, calling colleagues/friends for help and referrals, visiting sets, getting industry mentors, setting clear goals?    

3.    Re-imagine your past: Imagine it’s three years ago and you were fearless about using business tools. If you were fearless, how many networking events would you have attended? How many people would you have met that could have helped you? How many calls to colleagues/friends for help and referrals would have led to jobs? How many set visits would have put you in the right place at the right time and led to powerful relationships and work? How many industry mentors would you have by now who have helped you in numerous ways that have landed you jobs? What goals have you achieved?  

4.    Be the inspiration that would inspire you (click to Tweet): It’s easy to listen to others inspire you. I want to challenge you to step into those people’s shoes and become who you will be, now. In other words, you would have a new level of confidence if you were working regularly at your job. With that confidence you would easily take business actions that you’re not taking now. Instead of waiting for that job to give you the confidence of the people who inspire you now, YOU be the inspiration that would inspire you!

Know what inspires you in others, know what you admire in others, and make a choice to encompass those traits TODAY!  

And Action!

1.    Make a list of traits that inspire you in successful people.

2.    Take on those traits and act upon them. If you feel fear attached to those actions, feel the fear and act in spite of it!  

Change happens in an instant, though it can take years to decide to change. Don’t waste any more time deciding… Change today! Be the inspiration that would inspire you.