Dirty Virgin

Dirty Virgin bookMeet Reese Channing Gibson

When Reese gets hit on by a hot young yoga instructor, finding him as irresistible as a red-velvet cupcake, 72-year-old Grizzy can’t help but notice Reese’s anguish as she turns him down. It doesn’t take Grizzy long to determine that Reese has an “addiction” to bad habits which are getting in the way of finding her “Happily Ever After,” and offers to be her sponsor.

Reese, being a serious Type-A, decides to create her own self inflicted 12-Step Program for finding love. But even with Grizzy’s support, it’s not easy giving up unhealthy things like cake, younger men, and a deep-seeded obsession for her first love. She tries therapy, dating coaches, and even streaking through a senior living facility. Keeping her friends close and her exes far, she faces the hardest step of all…

Jessica Sitomer is a screenwriter, romantic comedy addict, and Virgin Drink connoisseur. She has produced three television shows and enjoys working her family members into them whenever possible. Still single, no kids, but has a big dog.