Sniffing around for jobs in entertainment?

Dog Park is a comedy that addresses what so many single people wonder- can you meet someone to date at the dog park? But while Andy, Lorna, Jeri, and others are looking at each other, they could learn a lot by watching how their dogs interact.

Observations from dog park and how it applies to your career:

1.   Familiarity breeds success, expose your dog to as many positive experiences, places and animals as you can.

For you to achieve the same success, you must consciously make an effort to expose yourself to many people and networking opportunities.

2.   Proper socialization is when your dog is calm, confident, and controllable when he is interacting with other dogs.

At a networking event you want to feel calm, confident, and in control. Like dogs sense a fearful or nervous dog, people sense nervous, desperate, resentful people. Therefore, it’s important for you to work on your state of mind when going out. Leave the realities of life behind and view the networking event as an opportunity where one conversation can change your life forever. That will create excitement, and wonder, two emotions that are very attractive to others.

3.   When a couple of well-balanced, well-socialized, happy-go-lucky dogs meet, the result is often pure joy on the part of both dogs. They may run excitedly toward each other tails raised and wagging, mouths held relaxed, partly open, with lips slightly retracted (almost smiling), and with tongues lolling from side of their mouths.

Enter a room with the excitement of possibility, a smile on your face, and a joyful, happy-go-lucky, attitude. This will create instant rapport when approaching new people. And hey, running excitedly toward someone you already know will make him/her feel special, and cause others to notice you and smile.

4.   On establishing close contact, dogs proceed to investigate each other using every single sense to familiarize themselves with their new contact. The dogs then engage in a more physical greeting, perhaps licking, pawing, or body rubbing against each other. Their mutual appreciation endorsed, they may then signal a desire to play by means of ritualistic play bows and they’re off to the races.

Investigate the new people you’re meeting by asking questions that will get them talking about themselves. If you are familiar with their work, show appreciation for it. Licking is definitely out of the questions, however, a firm handshake is advised. Weak or limp handshakes are just creepy and knuckle crushing handshakes are too aggressive. I don’t know why this is still an issue, but it is, so practice your handshake.

Dating in Dog Park had its twist and turns as your networking experiences will, but the characters were in it for love and you’re in it for success. There is no alternative. You must persevere.

And Action!

1. Evaluate if you need an attitude adjustment. If so, what positive things can you focus your thoughts on before entering a room that will make you feel excited and joyful?

2. Get honest feedback on your handshake

3. Go to a dog park and observe. It’s fascinating! And who knows- maybe you’ll meet someone in the industry.

4. TREATS! Dogs love ‘em and so do people when you follow up with them.

Dogs keep it simple when it comes to socialization. There is something to simplicity. Be like a well socialized dog: happy-go-lucky and a joy to be around!