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Wednesday November 4th  AND…ACTION! Teleseminar Call

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Did you ever buy a book that could change your career then not take any action? Did you even read it?

If you purchased my book, And…Action!, I am so committed to your success that I created a 12-month teleseminar series to move you through the process. That’s 12 months of coaching for $25/month! You read two chapters, do the And…Action exercises, and then you can email me any questions or obstacles that came up. I will address your questions every other week in a live teleseminar. Think about where you can be a year from now if you take action consistently. Let me help!

7 The future of your company & Coming up with fresh ideas for generating work
21 Goal setting & Creating a one year plan

4 Who you know & Re-establishing relationships
18 Who you need to know & How to create new relationships

4 The value of mentors & Effective ways to do research
18 How to stand out when you meet people & Writing effective introduction letters

1 Strategies for motivation & Obtaining mentors
22 Getting referrals & Making requests people can say YES to

6 Overcoming fears & Effective marketing tools
20 Creating a strategic plan & Having successful strategy meetings

3 Tracking your progress & Success Mindset: patience
17 How to make the most of a networking event & Creating partnerships

1 Thinking outside the box, & Priorities & Self care
15 Re-evaluating your relationships & Breaking through limiting beliefs

5 Successful Mindset: music anchor & Finding stability in a freelance industry
19 Creating your personal brand & Helping others achieve their goals

2 Expectations & Focus
16 Successful Mindsets: Serendipity & Gratitude & Philanthropy

7 Evaluating warning signs & Eliminating what’s draining you
21 Sacrificing & Finding your muse

4 Successful Mindset: time & Learning life lessons
18 Building on momentum & Your vision

2 Choices and risks & Being a connector
16 Celebrating success & Your mission
30 Assembling a success team & Successful Mindset: perseverance