“__________ Your Way To The Top; All the right moves for making it in the business!”

There are many ways to fill in that blank: Work, Network, Interview, Social Network, Market, Plan, and on and on… wait, what did you think I was going to suggest?  These videos are mini-seminars (20-40 minutes) so, if you’ve never seen me live, this is pretty close.


In the first video:

  • I’m gong to share the 6 building blocks to Set the Stage for Career Success.
  • I’m also going to tell you why entertainment professionals are more likely to understand and implement these building blocks (more than people who spend tens of thousands of dollars to get a business MBA).
  • And, why if you really want to succeed in entertainment, THIS is the time to get the business part of your dream in order.

In the second video:

  • I’m going to reveal to you what the elusive IT factor really is and how you can project it.
  • I’m also going to give you 12 reel solutions for producing the new you.
  • And, I’ll tell you why your success has nothing to do with your talent, but it is about who you know, and being an out-side-of-the-box thinker.

And there’s one word that changes everything, so listen for it.

In the third video:

  • I’m going to address the questions that I get regarding what it really takes to make it in entertainment including ageism, getting an agent, and time management.
  • Also, you are going to get to see clips from my reality show Lights, Camera, Action! where contestants, who are just like you, people who knew their skills but didn’t know the business, got to experience Greenlight U first hand. You’ll hear their experiences and results with getting mentors, making calls, learning new tools and implementing them in a really high pressure situation.
  • I’ll also be giving a very personal confession at minute 6:57, because as you’ve been learning, I practice what I preach.

And video four… ties it all together and shares all the details about how you can embrace and excel at the business side of the entertainment industry.

And at the end of each training, I share my bloopers, so you can get a good laugh (especially at my singing voice)! Laughing

Go to JoinGreenlightU.com to enroll in this free trainging and keep an eye on your inbox for the videos which will be starting January 21st.

PS, if you are joining me after the 21st, you will still have access to the videos you missed. Start from the beginning because each video builds on itself.  We’re going to have FUN!