Through agent interviews and having my own through the years, there is a strategy for getting agents!

You will complete this program knowing:

arrows  What type of client YOU are.
arrows  Three ways agents categorize their clients (you may not like the one you fall under) 
arrows  Three questions an agent wants to know before taking you on
arrows  A step by step strategy for getting an agent

What You Will Learn:

arrows  How to get an agent if you don’t have one
arrows  How to improve your agent relationship if your agent isn’t “working” for you.
arrows  When and why to change agents (when it’s a good move and when it’s not)
arrows  How to evaluate if you are in fact ready to get an agent or move up to an agency with more clout
arrows  The Greenlight Coach’s “BUZZzzzzz” Strategy

Who is this program for?

arrows  Actors, writers, directors, cinematographers, editors, production designers, composers, and anyone else who agents represent.
arrows  People who have agents but are unhappy and want to change
arrows  People who have agents but they think it may be time to move to an agency that has more clout