GREASE… The Two Sides of Sandy

I remember it like it was yesterday, a leather clad Sandy Dumbrowski, enters the scene, drops a cigarette, puts it out with her patent leather heel, and my jaw dropped. Where had the wholesome pure, innocent girl gone? Could it be possible to be “both girls” at the same time? Sandy realized she could, as she drove off with Danny into the sky (yes, if the term “jump the shark” was around in the 70s, that would have made the list).

It’s a debate I’ve had with myself for years. Can I be both: successful career woman and balanced family woman. This debate caused me such stress through the years that I deprived myself of precious family time, vacations, friend outings, and once loved hobbies. And what did I get for my sacrifices? Stress, fewer friends, and no noticeable advancements in my career. I was so attached to my career, so attached to succeeding, that I overworked myself and paid for it in more ways than one.

Then one day, I decided to give myself a make-over, Sandy style. Where she tapped into her “bad-girl” side, I tapped into my “balanced” side. I created room for family vacations, meditation, gym time, friend time, and “me-time.” When I thought I had it down, I left my job and launched my own company. I let go of my attachment to success and did the tasks that needed to be done prioritized by what’s going to get me where I want to go fastest. Now I have even more freedom to incorporate work and life-balance. Work and Life… they go together like ramma lamma lamma kadingidy ding de dong!

And… Action!

1. Plan a vacation this summer. It can be a no-cost stay-cation. The exercise is to block out 2-7 days without work, doing fun things for yourself or with family/friends.

What are the two sides of you that you’d like to balance? Loosen your attachment to the side you’re clinging to and let go a little.

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