HITCH – Do You Want Jobs in Entertainment?

There’s only one way to get to Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, a professional “date doctor for men”— by referral. If Alex meets with a potential client it’s because the guy has been referred to him and that’s the ONLY way he’ll meet with a potential client.

People in the entertainment industry can be equally as hard to reach, but the power of a referral can make it all possible.

With everything on the line (money, reputations, jobs) people don’t want to hire someone they don’t know. Here’s another Hollywood catch 22: how do you get to know the people who won’t meet you if they don’t know you? You get to know them through the people you already know. In other words, you get a referral from a mutual acquaintance.  

If you’re someone who doesn’t like making phone calls, a referral can boost your confidence because it creates an instant connection with a stranger. You become the mutual friend or associate. Because of the mutual associate, potential clients felt more comfortable meeting with Hitch, and he knew that his clients wouldn’t send him someone who wasn’t serious about being in a committed relationship.

Ask all the people on your Contact List for referrals. Be clear that you’re not asking for a recommendation. This would mean putting their reputation on the line by saying that you are the best person for the job. Although, it would be fine if they offered to give you a recommendation, you are simply asking to use their name as an introduction so when you call the new person, you are not calling cold, you are calling with an introduction from a mutual acquaintance. If you know someone your contact should meet, offer to trade referrals.

When requesting the referral, ask for an introduction to be made, a call on your behalf, or permission to use their name. If they plan to make the introduction, or call on your behalf, ask when you should follow up with the person who said they are going to make the call on your behalf. You want to follow up with them to see if they made the call and how you should proceed. It’s important to remain on top of the situation.

Once you receive referrals, you shouldn’t wait more than a few days to call the person you were referred to. The contacts who gave you the referrals may be so excited, they call their acquaintances to tell them to expect your call. If you wait too long, the acquaintance may think you’re unreliable.

When you call your referrals, design a strategy for your calls. Know what your objective for the call is before you make it so you’ll know when you’ve achieved it. Plan your request for follow-up in advance as well. Use, “This has been really helpful. If I have more questions in a month or so, may I call you again?” If they say, “Yes,” write it in your book to call them in a month. Or, “I appreciate you watching my reel. May I call you for feedback in two weeks?”

Referrals are the best way to meet the people you want to know. Using a mutual friend’s name when contacting a person you don’t know makes the whole process easier. Focus on meeting your friend’s friends, making it about friendship not work, and you will find referrals to be an extremely valuable business tool!

And Action!

1. Ask five people on your Contact List for three referrals.

2. Know your objective before you make your calls.

3. Call all of your referrals.

4. Schedule your follow-up with each person with whom you choose to continue building a relationship. You can ask if it would be okay to call if you have any questions in the future; if the answer is yes, mark your calendar to call back with a question in a month. Or you can mention your plan to take action on one of their suggestions; tell them you’ll let them know how it turns out.

The people who sought out a referral to Hitch, really wanted love. Despite possibly being nervous to call him, the results they wanted outweighed the fear. You really want work, act in spite of your fears and get referrals!