Time Managment for the Independent Contractor

In I Don’t Know How She Does It, no one knows how Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Kate, manages to excel at a high powered job, be a wife, a mom, attend school events and more. Here’s some insight into “How she does it…”


You really can have it all if you let go of the expectations of how “having it all” looks, create boundaries, and avoid unrealistic goals http://ctt.ec/Ldjr5 (Click to Tweet).

First let’s discuss what I mean about having it all. I mean, having what you value in life, whether it be a job you’re passionate about, a spouse, kids, hobbies, travel, adventures, exercise, shopping, philanthropy, recycling… everything! Everything within realistic goals and by that I mean, don’t say I want it all, to be a stay at home mom and an A list studio Cinematographer. Because an A List cinematographer gets work that takes you away from home, so you can’t stay home with the kids. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a solution for being an excellent mom, having quality time with your kids and still be an A-list Cinematographer.  Having it all comes with a few requirements

1. Excellent communication skills, especially with your family, which can include, spouse, parents, children. Be honest about what you want and your plan to achieve it. Be sure before you get married to someone, you are on the same page. Also, when communicating to someone you want to marry about your work, they see what your career is like now, how much time it takes, how often you’re around, the ups and downs of being in and out of work, but do they truly understand the potential of what you’re career can be? A pilot’s wife or an army wife, understands her husband will be gone for long periods of time. She accepts that and adjusts for it. If you work predominantly in town on small indie gigs, does your significant other understand that when your dream comes to fruition that may mean that you are out of town, perhaps the country for months at a time? They must agree that their role is to support your dream as you do theirs. To have it all means coming up with solution based plans for the future. Who knows, in 10 years we could have pods that transport us from LA to NY in 45 minutes. But if not, we have skype, and perhaps your commitment to your supportive spouse is no matter how tired you feel, you get on skype and you give her a big smile and listen to her tell you about her day every night before you go to sleep.

2. Ask for help, that might mean paying for a personal assistant or asking your parents to babysit for your kids. Having it all does not mean you have to do it all. Doing it all creates burn out! Now in the beginning help my have a price tag on it which you can’t afford in which case, you must think outside the box and maybe get a bartering system going in your community.

3.  “Having it all” doesn’t necessarily mean having it all right now! Once you’re clear on what you want, prioritize. If health is important make time for your workout. If two years later you have kids lifting them up, down and chasing them around will be your workout and then once they are tall enough to be recognized by the Xbox you can all do speed skating and dance party together. Believe me you’ll be sore in places you didn’t know you had muscles. Now take a deep breath and close your eyes.
Now I want to hear from you what does having it all mean to you? Write it in the comments below. And remember, you are a piece of the puzzle that makes entertainment.. and entertainment moves the world.. so the world needs you!