Inventing Your Career

Tony Stark wasn’t bitten by a spider, he didn’t come from another planet, he was not born a mutant… Tony is an inventor. A Super Hero, yes, because he created that for himself.

In 2010, I was stuck. If you haven’t heard my story, you should check out my Jess Gets Reel videos on YouTube. I had goals; to make money as an actress, to write, to travel, to spend time with my family, to try things I’d never done before on my “Bucket List,” and to change peoples’ lives through my entrepreneurial ventures (which at the time was just Greenlight).

That’s an awful lot to accomplish unless you’re a Super Hero and your power is multiplicity (the power I’d pick if I had a choice.. I would love to be in 10 places at once). So, I had to “invent” my life the way Tony invented Ironman.

In the last 2 years, I’ve made more money and been busier as an actress than I have in my entire career combined, I am writing the second installment of a fiction book series that I started in 2011, and have 3 treatments for screenplays, I’ve traveled to more than 18 cities (a couple numerous times), I’ve spent quality time with family, friends, and crossed some things off my bucket list. And through it all, I continue to change lives through 3 businesses I now own.

I share this with you because something shifted in me that caused me to invent the life I wanted to live, and YOU can do it to. Here’s how:

1.   Make a list of all of your goals that you want to achieve over the next 2 years, even if they don’t seem possible.

2.   What would you need to have or who would you need to know to achieve those goals?

3.   If any seem “unlikely” or impossible, why? What do you think is stopping you from achieving your goals?

Now that you have clarity on your goals and the possibilities of what’s stopping you from achieving them, it’s time to make a shift… the same shift I made, the same shift Tony made. That shift is TO DECIDE you will accomplish them. Don’t worry about the “how” at this point. DECIDE that your goals are possible. DECIDE that you will figure out a way. DECIDE that you will invent whatever is necessary to make the life you want to live possible. People around you do it every day. There are also people around you who have decided to give up in some form or another. With whom do you spend the majority of your time?

Tony has Pepper and Hogan they believe in him, they support him, they help him make his inventions realities. Do you have that support? If you can see it you can be it, but you must DECIDE, because anything less than a clear decision will allow fear and obstacles to get in your way. Tony created Ironman to remove those obstacles, and when obstacles got huge, Hulk would smash them… but that’s another movie.


1.   Spend an hour writing out your answers to the questions in this article. Keep writing, and when you hit a blank spot, dig deeper. Repeat those steps until the hour is up.

2.   If you don’t know how you’re going to accomplish your goals and you want help creating a personalized plan, I have a secret weapon for you which I’ll share tomorrow, though if you’ve read this far, you deserve the sneak peak HERE.

Tony is unstoppable in that he will invent a solution for whatever tries to stop him. When I made that shift, while I couldn’t multiply myself, I invented the life that allowed me to accomplish ALL of my goals, and I’m so glad I did! DECIDE for yourself that this is your turning point, this is your shift, and you can turn yourself into a “Career Super Hero.”