How to Network in Any State

When Elle Woods discovers that her Chihuahua’s mom is locked in a cruel animal testing facility she heads to Washington, D.C. to fight for animal rights.  A new city for her, Elle, must network to get to the right people to fulfill her goal, and when it comes to networking, she is unstoppable.   

Now clearly, Elle is fueling her networking fearlessness with a goal she is passionate about.  Well, you’re passionate about your goals to work, aren’t you?  But perhaps, you don’t know where to find networking opportunities.  In today’s video, I answer Ryan’s question about “How to find Networking Events for Actors in Los Angeles.”  You can apply my 6 solutions to your craft but maybe not to your location if the “entertainment industry crowd” isn’t as dominant where you live.  So, watch today’s video and then read a few more strategies I have for you:


1.  Contact your local or state film commission to find out who’s in your area, what they have going on, and who is coming to town.

2.  Start a networking group on FB using your local area in the title to attract people who live near you. Then you can have in-person meetings like the Long Island Screenwriters Group.

3.  You may have to drive to the nearest city, but research if there are any “Film Life Centers” or film museums that host events.

4.  Put up flyers at your local movie house for people to contact you if they are in the business and want to join a networking group.

5.  Again, you may have to drive, but find out the closest college with a film department and network with the students there.

No matter where you live, there are creative people who were born to act, write, capture images, edit, direct, score, produce and more. It may take some Elle Woods’ determination, but it can be accomplished if you really want to meet your “people.”

And Action!

1.    Research networking events in your area
2.    Consider starting your own networking event
3.    Commit to 1 networking experience this week, even if it’s lunch with one person.   

You don’t have to be blonde or a lawyer to make a statement that you are here to succeed!