To Be “Made” in Hollywood, Take Notes from Maid in Manhattan…

By Jessica Sitomer

Not exactly where you want to be in your career? Do you see the potential for success within your reach but there are obstacles in your way? Perhaps you know what you should be doing to generate the work you want, but you really don’t want to do it because it feels like a chore! As a hotel maid, Jennifer Lopez’s character, Marisa, knows all about “chores”. She also knows about wanting more for herself and for her son….(click read more link for the rest of this article)


Knowing and DOING are two different things though, aren’t they? Marisa wants a managerial position at the hotel but her fear stops her from applying for it. She meets a Senator who mistakes her for a socialite and instead of being herself, she plays along. Why?

What stops you from DOING? If it’s not KNOWING, here are some ideas of what to do to generate work:
1. Meet new people
2. Re-establish relationships with people you’ve been out of touch with
3. Ask for what you need from the people you have strong relationships with

Do you see the commonality between ideas 1, 2, & 3? IT’S PEOPLE! The key to enjoying the journey is to surround yourself with likeminded people. Think about your three closest friends. Does it feel like a chore to call them, go out and socialize with them, ask them for help with something? If they are your closest friends it shouldn’t. Why is that? Why does calling a business associate, going out to networking functions, and asking for something you need to advance your career feel like a chore? Perhaps it’s your perception of what you’re doing. Perhaps it’s your expectations.

Here are some tips to help you change your perspective and expectations:
1. People need your talent; but no matter how talented you are, no one will know unless you put yourself out there.
2. People like to help, they just don’t know what you need. Tell them!
3. Never assume that because people know what you do that you are on their minds when it comes to hiring. Whoever is in front of them at the moment is on their minds, so put yourself in front of them.
4. Expect that everyone you meet can potentially help you, direct you to someone who can, or teach you something.
5. There is power in numbers. Ask friends to join you when you want to go to a networking event and include them in your plan to meet new people.
6. People who you know and are working expect you to call them. In fact many believe that making phone calls is your job not theirs. Whether they have something for you or not, they understand it is a professional part of this industry.
7. Looking for work in a freelance industry does not make you appear desperate or needy. It’s the nature of freelance. An artist selling paintings in a gallery or in a booth at an art fair is not needy. A health club sales person is not desperate when he sells you a membership. It’s his job (one he believes in because he is promoting your good health). A plumber who advertises in the yellow pages is neither desperate nor needy.
8. There are amazingly talented and interesting people in the entertainment industry, who like you, want to share their stories. Give them that opportunity.

Maid in Manhattan is a Cinderella story, so if you haven’t seen the movie, you can imagine how it ends. Expect and create your own Cinderella story by using the tips above to make your journey up your career path more enjoyable, because everyone loves a happy ending!

And… Action!

Do something for your career based on what you learned in this article. Look at it as a possibility for opportunity and/or a learning experience. Decide that whatever the outcome, it is an accomplishment because you took action.

Remember whether you’re a maid, make-up artist, or movie star, the more you enjoy the people you meet and the actions you take, the longer you can persevere in a freelance industry. More about perseverance in my next newsletter…

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