How to Create A Great Bio For Your “About Me” Website Page

Charlie, is a state trooper with multiple personalities.  Now, this may make for a hilarious comedy, but it’s not very good when you are writing a bio for your website.  You want people to get to know “you” and the specifics of how you are branding yourself. Here are 3 styles of “About Me” pages that can help you to improve your website bio…


When people come to your website you have one chance to make a first impression, like when you meet someone in person… only less personal. It’s really important that your bio reflect the “person” you want visitors to meet.  Depending on your job or business, you may want:

1. A very professional bio with high credibility, reflecting your successes,
2. A bio that introduces your personality.
3. A hybrid that mixes professionalism with your story

A bio is very personal, and may have many incarnations as your career grows and marketing strategies change.

Now I want to hear from you. Do you have a great bio? Put your link in the comments below.  Have a reel question you want answer answered? Put it in the comments below.

Leave the “multi-personalities” to Jim Carey and out of your bio (unless that’s part of your brand).