Michele ShortI have been working with Jessica Sitomer as a member of the Greenlight Mentor Elite program for one year.  Implementing the the tools I’ve learned from Jessica to successfully build relationships and navigate the business aspects of the industry, in one single year I have exceeded every goal I set at a faster rate than I could have ever imagined.   When I started working with Jessica through the Elite program in July 2012, I had recently relocated to a new city and was a newly-minted member of ICG Local 600.  Prior to the move, I had been concurrently working in an additional non-camera classification to make ends meet.  But my singular goal was to sever that safety net once-and-for-all and devote myself exclusively, in a new city no less, to working in the camera department, where my true passion lies.  It was a scary leap but I took it!    I had worked on one feature film in my new city prior to working with Jessica.  But within one month of embracing the program, and obtaining an initial 20 mentors, I began to get steady work and it hasn’t stopped since.  As of July 2013, I have worked full-time (meaning not as a day player) on no less than six feature films and an acclaimed new network television series.  Additionally, most of these projects have featured incredible A-list actors and above-the-line talent.  Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled and it’s with the deepest gratitude that I report these successes.  All of this is due to working this program diligently and maintaining faith and commitment that it WILL happen if you take care of business and nourish relationships.  Especially inspiring for me is listening to the monthly Mentor Interviews Jessica does with all manner of successful industry professionals.  They are successful for a reason and if you listen closely, you will learn exactly what you need to do to be successful yourself.  Also helpful is participating in the live monthly coaching calls, where you have access to Jessica and laser coaching on whatever issue you are in need of help with.  As such, regardless of the continuing successes I am experiencing, I have no plans to leave the Elites.  Now more than ever is the time to keep working with the amazing tools I’ve learned and continue to learn and be inspired to reach for even higher goals.

MICHELE K SHORT  Unit Still Photographer // New Orleans, LA