I Hate Being Sick
Being a "do-er", colds, sinus infections, coughs, etc., really annoy me. I can’t accept that it’s because I’m allergic to my dogs (which I am) or that I got it from the guy who was sneezing next to me in yoga class. No. I take it personally. I believe it’s a message to my brain from my body saying, "You need to slow down and since you won’t- here’s a cold."

My body doesn’t care that I was on a writing role or that I have two speaking engagments next week. My body doesn’t care that I had to postpone a lunch with a collegue, dinner with a friend, and a good night kiss on a date.

I only share my woes with you because it’s not unlike our industry. The industry doesn’t care that you have to keep gas in your car, food in your stomach, and a roof over your head. It ebbs and flows as you ride its waves.

The difference between being knocked out by a relentless cold and ebbing and flowing with the industry is that when you’re healthy you can steer your own boat. You just need to know what direction to steer in. This year you may have a lot of confusion about being your own captain. You’ll need new strategies, ideas, and support. My goal is to drink a lot of hot liquids, get back to tip-top shape, and help steer you in the right direction.

I’m here when you need me. Send me an e-mail if I can help.

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