Publicity Without a Publicist

Monday night I had my first radio interview. It was so much fun! The host of the show is Nikki Love, from REEL LADIES, Spotlighting, Educating & Motivating Women in Film & Entertainment. To hear a recording of the show, go to:

Do you want to know how I got asked to be interviewed on the radio without a publicist or a press release? Two weeks ago, I wanted to advertise my teleseminar. I went onto Facebook organizations and plugged in keywords like: filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, etc. I joined any group that had a lot of members and then posted my teleseminar info. Besides the people who signed up for my teleseminar, Nikki contacted me about being interviewed. After learning more about me, she asked me to come speak at an event on January 11th. Here’s the info for that:

REEL Ladies has teamed up with Performer Track and GreenLight Coaching to present the "Business of Acting Seminar"!

Sunday, January 11
Burnley Complex

* Want to Improve your Submission, Audition and Booking Ratios?
* Maximize the Money you make as a Performer?

Ask yourself these questions:
* Am I frustrated because I’m not getting the results I want?
* If I keep doing what I’ve been doing, will I achieve my goals?

Learn more about the Business & Marketing Tips & Tools you NEED to THRUST your performing career in the RIGHT DIRECTION for 2009!

Members $15
NonMembers $25

Start thinking about in what area of the entertainment industry are you an expert? Spend some time creating some enticing copy about yourself, spend an hour on Facebook posting it on different organization’s walls, and follow up every other week. It’s not time consuming and you’ll be establishing yourself as an expert in your field. You don’t have to be a household name to be an expert. The possibilities for opportunity are out there!

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