Ask Questions

I spent a lot of time on the phone and in front of my computer today. I had a lot of questions to get answered. Do you think that when Donald Trump looks at a building he sees something different than the average person? You bet he does. I’m growing my business and I know that there are successful people out there who have already been where I am. I know that there are companies who specialize in areas that I have questions about. One of my favorite questions for people who are at least a few steps ahead of me is, "What are the questions I should be asking but don’t realize it yet." I always get a sly smile because they know exactly what I mean. It’s like when you’re a kid and your parents tell you that you’ll understand "why" when you’re older. They’re almost always right (although I still believe with absolutele certainty that I would have been happier with a mural of The Monkees painted on my wall than that three colored rainbow).

You’re growing your business. If you’re stuck in your career- ask questions! Being afraid of "how you’ll look" if you ask for advice is not serving you. Imagine if next year you’re in exactly the same place you are now because you were afraid to ask questions. Find mentors, advisors, experts and ASK! If you don’t know how to get a mentor or where to find an expert– ASK ME!

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