OCEAN’S ELEVEN When To Take A Calculated Risk
By Jessica Sitomer

Planning the biggest score in Vegas history, Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, knew he was taking a huge risk. The difference between Danny’s risk and say “swimming with sharks” is that Danny’s was extremely calculated.

In the entertainment industry 90% of the people pursuing jobs, do so from their comfort zone. Are you one of the 90%?

The 10% who reach success, take risks. Some risks are bold and others are calculated. A bold risk is when you go for something boldly without thinking about the consequences. A calculated risk, on the other hand, is a risk that is taken after careful planning of strategy, implementation, and an “out” strategy.

Here’s how a calculated risk is born:   
1.    You have a goal for yourself; to get a job, to meet a specific person with whom you want to work, to visit a set.
2.    You put your feelers out and no one in your network has a referral for you.    
3.    You realize you are no longer in your comfort zone and to move forward toward your goal, you will have to take a risk.
4.    You make the decision to go for it!
5.    You design a plan of execution.
6.    You consider all possibilities of outcome and how you will handle each one.
7.    You take the calculated risk!    

There will come a point in your career when you realize that you’ve been in your comfort zone too long and it is holding you back. (click to Tweet) Taking risks can be scary, but taking a calculated risk can be exhilarating!  

And Action!

1.    Make a list of goals that you haven’t achieved because they required going out of your comfort zone.
2.    Now, for each one, create a plan of execution and the outcome possibilities.
3.    Prioritize the order in which you want to take your calculated risks.  
4.    Email me with your GREAT RESULTS!!!

Danny Ocean knew that while robbing 3 casinos was a huge risk, he had planed so carefully, that going for it was the only option!