Jessica’s Answer:

Sometimes the way y’all phrase your questions, cracks me up!  Let me address the later part of that question since it’s what’s helping me fill my laugh quota for today…
If you are not annoying or cheesy, you will not be perceived that way.  I’m going to go out on a limb, and guess that you’re neither of those.  Because if you were, you wouldn’t recognize the annoyances and cheesiness of others, and therefore, you wouldn’t recognize the need to NOT be like them.  So, go easy on yourself, and don’t do anything that you find annoying or cheesy.  

Ways to get yourself noticed on the web that are professional, effective and a smart way to market:

1. Create a website that honestly represents what you do professionally, makes it easy for people to find the information on you that they want, and showcases your best attributes.
*NOTE: if you are not website building savvy, and will spend a lot of time learning as you build, I suggest what one of my mentors Loral Langemeier says, “Strengthen your strengths, pay for your weaknesses.”  It’s better to spend money on a professional web designer, so you can spend YOUR time generating money with your professional strengths.  I recommend Kathy Hoffman at   Tell her you’re my client.  She’s very reasonable and very reliable.

2. Get on Social Networking Sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram, YouTube, etc. For me, Facebook is the priority (this week). Make informative or inquisitive posts on people’s walls.

For example: a camera operator needed an AC.  He posted his request on my wall and on my Greenlight Coach Business wall, and found his AC through my friends network.  (hint, hint, if you’re reading this you should be friend requesting me on FB, Liking The Greenlight Coach Page, and following me on Twitter.  

3. Write an informative blog or create a podcast.

4. Post videos of yourself (demonstrating /teaching/ working) on YouTube.  No dancing to a montage of music from the 80’s… that’s cheesy (the only exception is: if you’re a professional dancer).

5. Post informative comments AND success stories on other people’s blogs, like this one!  This gets you recognized as an expert in your field, in a community of like-minded people.

If you have more detailed questions about any of the above, post it on my comments section and I’ll answer it as a separate question.

If you have a question, put it in the comment section.
To your success!