Jessica’s Answer:

If you want to speak with them,  a good time to call is when you think they’ll answer. Here are the concerns I hear around “when to call”:

1. If I call during the week, I’ll disturb him/her at work

2. I can’t call during the weekend because it’s his/her time off

3. I can’t call at night because it’s too late or I’ll interrupt dinner

4. I can’t call in the morning because it may be too early and I don’t want to wake him/her

Are you doing the math, here?

Your job is to make calls.  Decide when you are going to make the calls, and when they answer, ask, “Is this a good time for you to talk?” If they say that it’s not, you ask them when IS a good time for them.  When they give you the answer, you’ll know. No more guessing. Make sure you are professional and follow up when they tell you to.

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To your success!