Jessica’s Answer:

There are many reasons to visit a movie, television, or commercial set.  To name a few:

1. As a professional, who could be called to work on that set one day, you want to assess the atmosphere so when you show up to work, you fit right into the mix.  It will make it a smoother transition for everyone when you already have a sense of the workplace.

2. There is an energy about being on set that can be very inspirational.  Stay for a while to soak up that energy that comes from creative people doing what they do best.

3. It’s a great place to meet new like-minded people because you’ve been invited by someone who will introduce you to the people they know you’ll connect with.

4. If your union has an “available list,” it’s your job to let other members know who you are so when they call for the list they see a familiar name.  It makes their job easier when they recognize the names on that list.

5. Ever heard the expression: Being in the right place at the right time?  Put yourself in the right place, and it will become the right time.  If someone working on set gets a call for work and they’re already at work, they may turn to you and ask if you’d like the job.  (This has happened to quite a few of my clients.)

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To your success!