Jessica’s Answer:

When I first started coaching, I would tell people to call 3 times before leaving a message (because the point was to get them in). However, with today’s technology, people are checking their caller ID, so if they see you’re calling and not leaving a message, they may think it’s strange.
Then again, they may be curious about what you want and call you back.  So, the “3 calls before leaving a message” is up to you.

Another obstacle is: if you’re calling from a blocked number, they may never answer.

Here is what you want to do when leaving a BRIEF message:
1. State your name- CLEARLY

2. State your phone number- CLEARLY
*I can’t tell you how many people have called me and left out one of the above. Usually #1 and then I have to do a google search of the number and hope to find a name to match. Most people are not as caring as me.

3. Give them a compelling reason to call you back. This, while having to be spoken CLEARLY, does not have to be as clear.  This is what’s called in the biz a “teaser” or a “cliffhanger.”

If you just call, “to check in,” “to tell me you’re available,” or “to see what I’ve been up to,” you may never get a call back, or may fall to the bottom of my priority list.  Nothing personal, I just have people calling me with urgent matters, questions only I can answer, and something really cool to share (these are all examples of #3).

Always know what you’re going to say, should you go to voicemail, before you make the call.

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To your success!