Jessica’s Answer:

That depends: how good are you at the different things you want to do? 
These days people are wearing many hats or using many /s.  I think it’s great.  I do it myself. The important business question is:

How are you marketing yourself?

The big mistake I see people make, is putting everything on one resume: editing, camera operating, background artist.  It’s one thing to market yourself as a DP who operates, or a writer/director, it’s another thing to be “Jack of all trades.” People want to know that the person they are hiring is an expert at what he/she does.

I suggest you have separate resumes, websites, business cards, and reels.  If a situation arises, such as a LOW budget film, and they want a director who can also shoot and edit, then put together a package that shows you can do it (if you can deliver).  

Remember to trust your gut about whom you’re sharing what, with.  Some old school people don’t appreciate those who haven’t worked their way up through the ranks. And some traditionalists prefer someone who they believe is passionate about one thing.  

Personally, I LOVE being, Jessica Sitomer, actress/writer/producer/author/speaker/career-coach/blogger/dog owner/yoga fanatic/R+F skin care junkie/country music fan.

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To your success!